We are

on a mission to connect Central Ohio communities with regional farmers and food producers in vibrant, inclusive marketplaces.

We believe

in deepening Central Ohio residents' connection to, and understanding of, the people and places that grow the food they eat. We work to educate our customers that what they choose to eat has a ripple effect, directly impacting their health, the production and protection of Ohio farmland, the regional economy, and our planet as a whole.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is a crucial roadmap for sustainable growth, community engagement, and effective resource utilization in supporting local agriculture.


Supporting Producers

Common Greens provides a centralized operating structure to increase efficiency, consistency and impact for producers selling at our markets.

By handling the planning and logistics of market operations, our producers are free to focus on growing and producing the highest-quality local food for market. 

Did you know that a 2021 report found that every $1 spent at the farmers market translates into $1.51 across the regional economy? We estimate that shoppers spent $1.98M at Common Greens markets last year, which equals an economic impact of $2.99M regionally! 

Farmers markets are unique in that 100% of sales go directly to the producer, providing a valuable revenue stream that keeps Ohio farmland in sustainable production and small businesses afloat.

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Equitable Food Access

Everyone should have access to food that is raised ethically, supports land and people they know, and improves the overall wellbeing of themselves and the community they are a part of. To that end, our markets participate in a wide range of food assistance programs, helping to put fresh Ohio-grown foods into the hands of more people.
  • SNAP

  • Produce Perks Match Program

  • Senior Coupons

  • PRx Prescriptions for Fruits & Vegetables

  • TANF

  • Buckeye Fresh

Did you know it costs Common Greens $177 per market to administer the food access programs at market? That is $15,222 per year. Your donation goes directly to support local food access for everyone, regardless of income!
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