Performing artists are recognized as significant contributors to the festive atmosphere of our markets. Therefore, the market welcomes one performance group each market day. Types of entertainment accepted: musicians, dancers, puppet theatre, chalk artists, jugglers and magicians. The market does not provide any equipment.


  • Performances must be appropriate for all ages. Musicians must play original music or songs within the public domain, as Common Greens does not maintain music copyright licenses.

  • Donations for performances may be accepted passively in an instrument case or other receptacle provided for that purpose by the performer. The receptacle may include a written sign, which informs the public that such donations are sought. No performer shall actively solicit donations by word of mouth, gesture, mechanical devices, or second parties. 

  • No performer shall treat any person in a manner that is rough, menacing, vulgar, profane or abusive. 

  • Drinking of alcoholic beverages or performing while intoxicated is prohibited. Smoking while performing is prohibited. 

  • Performers are responsible for moderating the volume of their performance to a level appropriate to the surroundings. Performers are responsible for respecting reasonable requests of nearby vendors regarding performance volume and crowd control. 

  • Performers shall immediately comply with requests of the Market Manager, including use of their microphone for emergency announcements.

Request a date to perform at the Clintonville and/or Upper Arlington Farmers Market.

To perform at Bexley, please email Michelle at