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We're here to help with answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: When/where is the market?

Q: Why should I shop at the farmers market?

  1. Fresh Food. We believe the food you find at our markets is some of the safest and most nutritious available since it travels fewer miles to reach you and with few contact points between the field/kitchen and you. In most cases, the very same individual who serves you will have worked to grow, pick or produce the food themselves. 

  2. Local Farmers. Your food choices help small farmers and food artisans survive and thrive. With each tomato, wedge of cheese or dozen eggs you buy, you’re basically saying “YES!” to preserving Ohio farmland, small businesses, food security and a strong local food system. 

  3. Education. Learn about where your food comes from. The market gives you the opportunity to learn about farmer growing practices, nutrition, current agricultural issues, gardening, and more.

  4. Community Involvement. The farmers market is a gathering place for people who love food. You’re bound to see friends and neighbors at the market each week, exchange recipes and food tips, hear a local musician perform, and make new connections.

Q: Do the markets open when it's raining?

Common Greens markets operate rain or shine.  We are committed to being open the days and hours we have published to serve you and our producers that work long hours to bring the best local foods to market. However, the safety of our producers, staff, and shoppers is our foremost concern at all times. 

If thunderstorms, tornado warning/watch, excessive heat advisory, or severe and consistent rain occurs prior to the opening of the market and there is reason to believe the threat will persist through much of the market hours, the market opening may be delayed, or cancelled entirely, if the forecast is ominous. If we need to cancel the market prior opening, it will happen by 12 noon on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 7 am on Saturdays.

If severe weather conditions develop after the market has opened, customers, producers and staff are expected to move to a safe place until the weather has passed. In most cases the safest place will be in their vehicles. Once the weather has passed, a determination will be made about resuming normal market operations for the remainder of the day.

In all cases, if the market were to close or be delayed, a notification would be posted on this website, and communications would go out on the relevant market's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Q: Are all of the farmers at the market organic?

No, not all the farmers who sell in our markets are Certified Organic (if they are, you will see the USDA Organic seal displayed at their stand). Some prefer other certifications such as Certified Naturally Grown; or, they may adhere to chemical-free and other environmentally-friendly practices but choose not to have a third party certification due to cost concerns. And, some of our farmers do use some non-Organic chemicals in their farming. 

One of the benefits of shopping at the market is the opportunity you’re provided to meet and talk with the people growing and producing your food. We encourage you to ask questions and get to know the farmers you shop with. 

For more information on organic farming, research, and certification procedures visit Ohio Ecological Food and Farming Association’s website.

Q: How can I find a producer’s contact information?

Our participating producers, their contact information, and dates at market are all listed on our website. Click here to view our Producer Directory

Q: How do I become a vendor?

Common Greens' mission is to connect Central Ohio communities to regional farmers and food producers. As such, CG producers sell only:

  • Fresh produce and other agricultural products (e.g., flowers, seedlings, honey)

  • Locally produced foods (i.e. pickles, pasta, baked goods, salsa)

CG producers do NOT offer:

  • Personal services, such as massage or chiropractics

  • Non-agriculture items such as jewelry, arts & crafts, or clothing

If you are an Ohio farmer or food producer, you can find application deadlines, links, and our Rules & Regulations for participation here.

Q: What is Common Greens?

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to supporting small Ohio farms and food businesses, and ensuring the success of producers at our markets by growing consumer appreciation for locally produced foods. We aim to have a positive impact on producers, shoppers and communities alike. Please find more about us here.

Q: Can I busk/perform at the markets?

Please review our Entertainment Guidelines on our website. We believe in providing local musicians and performers a “stage” to showcase their talents, and reserve one space per market for Entertainment. These spaces are booked in March/April.

Q: Can I solicit and/or pass out flyers at the market?

No. The market is reserved for farmers and food producers to connect with their customers. Please be respectful and solicit outside market boundaries. 

Q: Do you offer spaces for community groups?

We invite community organizations to share information about their work in the community with our market goers. Organizations with a primary focus in line with Common Greens will be considered for participation. Decisions made by Common Greens shall be final. Examples of organizations that may apply for the Community Outreach table include:

  1. Charitable 501(c)(3) organizations. 

  2. Organizations that promote Ohio foods. 

  3. Organizations that enhance the community, or those who sponsor community improvement projects. 

Please email us for more information.

Q: Can I bring my pet to the market? 

While we love our furry companions, please recognize that our markets can get very hot and crowded, and are not always a healthy environment for pets. Service animals are always allowed. If you do bring your pet to market, you will be asked to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Owners are responsible and liable for their pets while at market. Dogs must be under control on a short, non-retractable leash and by the adult owner’s side at all times.

  2. Pets must be kept out of producer stalls and away from other shoppers and market products, including produce, product displays, and plants. Items damaged by pets must be purchased at full cost by the owner.

  3. Dogs must be socialized with other dogs, children, and large crowds. Aggressive dogs are not welcome at market. Barking and growling are grounds for dismissal.

  4. Pet owners must clean up after their pets.

  5. At the Clintonville Farmers Market, dogs must be walked behind producer stands on High Street due to the crowded nature and tight space of the market.

For the health and safety of everyone at market, management will ask that owners remove pets from the marketplace if any of the above rules are violated.

Q: How do I use my SNAP (Ohio Direction Card, EBT, P-EBT) benefits at market?

See our Food Access page for details. We welcome SNAP users and offer a $1-for-$1 match up to $25 each market day.

For Clintonville preorders, if registering for a new account, select from the drop down “I am a customer wishing to purchase products using my SNAP/EBT card,” and proceed to register.

Q: Can I host a bake sale or lemonade stand at the market?

Our markets have been established to support Ohio farmers and food producers, all of whom go through an application and vetting process, purchase product liability insurance, and obtain any health department and/or Ohio Department of Agriculture licenses/permits required to sell their products directly to consumers. For these reasons, we are not able to offer space to other types of sellers. 

Q: WOW! This looks like a lot of work. How can I volunteer?

Great question! Market volunteers are needed to help with set up, tear down, directing shoppers, answering customer questions, selling market merchandise, taking customer counts, and helping our producers when they are short staffed. To volunteer, sign up for a shift here. We look forward to meeting you!

Q: How else can I help?

The markets wouldn’t be here without community support! To ensure your neighborhood market remains a vibrant part of your community, please consider the following:

  1. Make a monthly or one-time donation. All monies collected go directly towards our operating and program costs.

  2. Spread the word! Share our posts, bring a friend to market, and tag us in pictures of your market day finds/experience. We’re social!





  1. Send a thank you card to your favorite farmer or producer! 

  2. Write your Congresspeople and lobby for an increase to SNAP benefits and expansion of eligibility thresholds so everyone has access to healthy local foods.

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