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Let's build a thriving local food system together.

Why Support Us, You May Ask? 

Because you find value in the essential role your neighborhood farmers market has in connecting shoppers to local farmers and food makers and acting as a hub for community gathering. 

Operational costs increase every year, whether it be COVID-related expenses, insurance, management software, site permit and payment processing fees, and there is only so much we can - or want to - pass on to the local farmers and producers we support. This year, it will take over $130,000 to create the vibrant farmers markets you've come to rely on for the freshest, most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables around. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we depend on the support of people like you - community minded with a great taste in food! - to operate our programs.

Specifically, your donation helps us: 

  • Provide a venue to visit and shop your neighborhood market safely

  • Populate the markets with a well-rounded, dependable assortment of quality producers

  • Provide fresh produce to our more vulnerable neighbors 

  • Empower kids to eat healthy and try new foods

  • Showcase local musicians and artists

  • Provide space for community nonprofits to share their work

  • Support skilled and well-trained market staff

  • Procure market equipment, including tents, signage, permits, etc.

  • Highlight the essential role farmers markets play in the local food landscape!

Will you help us build a more connected, inclusive and sustainable food system in Central Ohio?


Other Ways to Donate:

Don't feel like donating online but want to support us? No problem! Please mail checks payable to Common Greens to 41 Croswell Rd, Columbus, OH 43214. We're also happy to accept donations onsite at the markets. We'll be sure to add your offline donation to our 2022 campagin. Thank you!

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